In the Heart of France’s Ancient Vineyard

Tonnellerie du Sud-Ouest (TSO) started out at the turn of the 20th century in the heart of the Gaillac vineyard, one of France’s oldest vineyards, and today is the result of a wine grower in search of excellence meeting up with a wood and wine devotee.

TSO exports barrels to more than 20 countries and imparts to wines the qualities of unique toastings: structure, volume, and roundness.


Though we mainly produce French oak barrels, for 20 years we’ve been the leading producer of Acacia wood barrels for dry white wines, sweet wines, rosé wines, and spirits.

Whether French Oak or Acacia, the merrains we use are from France’s finest forests. They’re matured for 24 to 36 months air dry and are turned over regularly. The staves used for the bottoms are systematically dried 12 months longer than the staves for the shells.